CEAS -- Fifth Conference on Email and Anti-Spam

                      Mountain View, California
The organizers of the Conference on Email and Anti-Spam invite you to
participate in its fourth annual event.  This forum brings together
academic and industrial researchers to present new work in all aspects
of email and messaging, including uses and abuses such as spam.
A special event associated with CEAS is the Spam Challenge
For update on 
   *  Accepted papers
   *  Invited Speakers
   *  Conference schedule
   *  Spam Challenge
   *  Conference facility
   *  Hotel information
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On-line Early Registration:
   Until July 20:      	Student     --  $100
                       Non-student  --  $250
   After July 20:	Student     --  $150
                       Non-student  --  $300
   On-site:	        Student     --  $200
                       Non-student  --  $370
   Before July 21st, if booked by phone:   $109.99
General Conference Chair
    Aleksander Kolcz (Microsoft Live Labs)
Program Co-Chairs
    Andrej Bratko   (Jozef Stefan Institute)
    Barry Leiba     (IBM Research)
    Tobias Scheffer (Max Planck Institute for Computer Science)
Compitition Co-Chairs
    Andrej Bratko   (Jozef Stefan Institute)
    Richard Segal   (IBM Research)
   Gordon V. Cormack (University of Waterloo)
   Contact:  mailto  information at
             (received by all the chairs)